課博第956号 須藤 京子

「Home-based oral immunotherapy (OIT) with an intermittent loading protocol in children
unlikely to outgrow egg allergy」

課博第957号 川口 琢也

「Molecular targeting of neuroblastoma with a novel p16INK4a transporter system」

課博第958号 大石 賢玄

「Temporal and Spatial Dependence of Inflammatory Biomarkers and Suppression by
Fluvastatin in Dextran Sodium Sulfate–Induced Rat Colitis Model」

課博第959号 井上 唯史

「Latent TGF-ß binding protein-2 is essential for the development of ciliary zonule microfibrils」

課博第960号 金森 千春

「Effect of cigarette smoking on mRNA and protein levels of oxytocin receptor and on
contractile sensitivity of uterine myometrium to oxytocin in pregnant women」

課博第961号 田中 義人

「Alpha-lipoic acid exerts a liver-protective effect in acute liver injury rats」

課博第962号 高橋 悠

「Phosphorylation of Smad2/3 at the specific linker threonine residue indicates
slow-cycling esophageal stem-like cells before re-entry to the cell cycle」

課博第963号 岡﨑 敬

「Inhibition of the Dephosphorylation of Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 2α Ameliorates
Murine Experimental Colitis」

課博第964号 岸本 真房

「Phosphorylation of Smad2/3 at Specific Linker Threonine Indicates Slow-Cycling
Intestinal Stem-Like Cells Before Reentry to Cell Cycle」

課博第965号 駒井 資弘

「Bmi1 expression in long-term germ stem cells」

課博第966号 河野 由美子

「Longitudinal Time-Dependent Effects of Irradiation on Multidrug Resistance in a Non–
Small Lung Cancer Cell Line」