論博第719号 織田 裕行

「Efficacy of hormonal and mental treatments with MMPI in FtM individuals: Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies」

論博第720号 蓮尾 英明

「Tolerable pain reduces gastric fundal accommodation and gastric motility in healthy subjects: a crossover ultrasonographic study」

論博第721号 秦 亮嘉

「Heparin induces the mobilization of heart-derived multipotent mesoangioblasts during cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass or cardiac catheterization」

論博第722号 兒島 由佳

「Relationship between dental status and development of osteoradionecrosis of the jaw: a multicenter retrospective study」

論博第723号 古賀 智子

「Risk factors for sodium valproate-induced renal tubular dysfunction」

論博第724号 北元 健

「Risk factors for the delayed onset of neuropsychologic sequelae following carbon monoxide poisoning」

論博第725号 北浦 祐一

「Functional localization and effective connectivity of cortical theta and alpha oscillatory activity during an attention task」

論博第726号 井上 貴昭

「Effect of protective lead curtains on scattered radiation exposure to the operator during ureteroscopy for stone disease: a controlled trial」